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New UPDATE: Pre-launch Contest Begins 21st to 27th June 2010!

The Ultimate Affiliate Battle For Supremacy Begins On The 28th Of June And Ends On The 5th Of July!

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From The Desktop Of Khai Ng:
Re: Most Profitable Product Launch For An Affiliate... EVER!

Dear Valued JV Partner:

Please, please, please do Not Pass This Link Around To Your Customers because I want to make sure they buy through YOUR affiliate link (if they got their hands on this, it's a sure bet that they WILL buy through their own link...).

You are about to feast your eyes on the craziest, most awesome contest... ever!

This launch was planned for over 3 months. I've researched every possible outcome for sales conversions and finalized every variable and parameter to make sure that every affiliate that promotes me will laugh all the way to the bank... no matter what size their list is!

PRESENTING... The one and only...

This contest was named 300 because of the massive 300% commission payout for you.

Why Promote Khai Ng?

First of all, let me share a little about myself...

Here's what 2 power house Super Affiliates say about me...

"Hands Down One Of The Most Ingenious Product Launch Strategists I've Ever Met!"

Khai is hands down one of the most ingenious product launch strategists I've ever met.

I honestly admire the way he strategizes his product launches:

From creating an irresistible, high converting front end offer to an extremely lucrative sales process, he really knows how to help his affiliates generate tons of money from thin air!

The moment I sent out my emails, I was hitting a 55% conversion rate on his One Time Offers and I was shocked to see not, one or two but THREE OTOs rushing in for every 2 front end sales that I've made!

His launches are also filled with exciting JV contests - the way he motivates his affiliates with prizes and competitions keeps me on the edge of my seat each day waiting for the results!

In short, this is by far the MOST MOTIVATING and MOST EXCITING product I've ever promoted so far!

And best of all, his launch has helped me to generate enough money to pay for 3 months on my house!

I would highly recommend Khai's products because he really takes care of his affiliates and his customers by providing overwhelming value.

Ian Del Carmen


"I Would Highly Recommend Khai's Product Launches!"

When Khai approached me to promote his product, I was skeptical if it will convert at first.

But after sending out my first email, I was shocked to see sales coming in one OTO after another!

I loved the way he structured his offers, from a powerful front end offer to a string of high converting
OTOs, the sales were coming in by the barrages!

His strategy and creativity for his affiliate contest was also one of the best I've seen so far, it truly motivates affiliates to blast emails for him daily as his contests keep them excited to promote.

I would highly recommend Khai's product launches as he truly knows how to turn mundane launches into a profitable venture and an exciting game that everyone wins!

Aurelius Tjin



Yes, these 2 big guys were definitely having lots of fun in promoting my product launches such as Fusionology Blueprint and Inspiration DNA.

Even Edmund Loh told me - and I quote... "You should do something like this every month"! (one can only guess how much he made by promoting my stuff...)

As a matter of fact, my recent product launch - Inspiration DNA: Affirmations had an astronomical conversion rate of:

- 3.9% on the front end ($47)
- 70% on the first one time offer ($37)
- 50% on the second one time offer ($27)
- 22% on the third one time offer ($47)
- and 6.67% on the highest level backend! (A Whopping $197!)

And you know what the craziest thing was?

Affirmations wasn't even a 'make money online' or 'Internet marketing niche' type of product. It was a weird and obscure niche yet people snapped it up like hot cakes!

Refund rates? Not an issue. I only had ONE refund out of 150 sales I made so you won't have to worry about a thing! I always put up a fight to keep people from refunding so your commissions are secure!

Now... I'm taking my super high converting OTO models up a notch! I've set the bar SO HIGH that you'll wake up in shock when you see so many big commission notifications in your Inbox!

So now, the big question is...

What Am I Promoting?

I'm launching a highly lucrative PLR membership with product QUALITY and QUANTITY as the focus and the main selling point.

Here's how it works...

300% Commissions On A High Converting Front End - A Supreme PLR Package With Training!

Get 300% commissions on the front end (worth $10 a package so you'll be paid $30 commission for each VALID* Sale!)

I bet my house that the conversion rate for the front end will be astronomical because of the value of products I've placed on the front end membership trial (They are getting $97 retail value at only $10... it's a no brainer!)

50% Ongoing, Residual Commissions On 3 Membership Plans For All Budgets - Silver, Gold And Platinum Membership Levels!

After the customer buys the $10 offer, they will be locked in to a recurring membership at any level of their choice.

You'll get 50% recurring commissions on 3 different entry points.

If you are worried that customers drop out, I've worked out a way to minimize that. I'm offering 3 different membership levels.

The Silver level which is at $27 a month for tight budgets, $47 a month for most people and $97 a month for hardcore buyers!

Because of flexible payment options, none are left out and you'll be making money month after month!

Another 50% Commissions On 4 High Ticket Irresistable One Time Offers!

Step 1: Upsell 1 - 12 Month's Platinum Membership For Only 2 Month's Fee Upfront!

50% on the first high converting, high ticket upsell. After the customer subscribes to the membership, they will be offered a one time, ultra lucrative deal - one FULL year of PLATINUM membership for only $197 one time payment... Basically, they will be getting 12 months worth for a payment of ONLY 2! How's that for an irresistable offer?

Step 2: Downsell - 12 Month's Platinum Membership For Only 2 Installments Upfront

50% on a 2 installment downsell. If the customer passes up the first offer, they will be given a chance to get the 12 month deal one last time if they are willing to pay $100 upfront and $100 the following month. There's no way they can pass up this awesome downsell if money is a problem!

Step 3: Upsell 2 - My Ultimate Leader's Library Consisting Of Every Single Inspiration DNA Product That I Have!

50% on a massive library consisting of every single Inspiration DNA PLR product I've created (more than 8 of them!) This package will be offered at $297 and it also includes a FURTHER 12 months membership - FREE!

Step 4: Upsell 3 - My Ultimate Backend! A Coaching And Webinar Program For A Select Few!

50% on my biggest offer ever... a coaching/webinar program at $497 a person. I'm limiting this to only 50 people. I'll do all the work and you'll keep all the commissions.

All in all, you can make a total of $30 + $98.50 + $148.50 + $248.50 = $525.50 PER CUSTOMER! And this does not include recurring commissions and sales from my other sidesell/backends...

*Note* To prevent affiliate exploitation of the 300% commission system, each 'valid' sale requires that the customer uses a valid email, is a valid person and will buy one of the upsells or retains as a member next month. Otherwise, the sale will be paid at 100% only (minus Paypal fees).

All sales are triple checked and verified and paid out after 31 days. Coaching and Library sales are paid after 60 days. All other commissions are paid in 31 days.

Is There An Affiliate Contest?

Yes! In addition to your 300% commission, you'll take the role of a Spartan warrior and pitted in a series of exciting challenges with the opportunity to win many cash prizes!

Those who've promoted my products before know that this isn't going to be a boring old contest...

If this is the first time you are competing in my contests, then you will be in for a surprise as there are lots of opportunities to win cash bonuses as well as sudden competitions every single day!

Cash prizes of over $5,000 are waiting to be paid! Take up your shields and spears right now!

For starters, let me share with you what prizes are available...

Prepare For Glory Challenge! (Most Overall Sales)

Win HUGE Cash Prizes Plus Bragging Rights As The Top Winners Will Be Immortalized As I Enshrine Their Name In 300's Hall Of Fame!

Attain ranks and honor as you rack up your sales...

Rank 1 - King Leonidas
Rank 2- Captain Artemis
Rank 3 - War Hero Dilios
Rank 4- War Hero Stelios
Rank 5- War Hero Astinos
Rank 6- Spartan Soldier
Rank 7- Spartan Soldier
Rank 8- Spartan Soldier
Rank 9- Spartan Soldier
Rank 10 - Spartan Soldier

Spartan's First Blood! (First To Get The Most Sales)

The honor of first blood goes to the Spartan who makes the most sales first!

If you are the first to make 100 sales, you'll get a prize of $500 on top of all your winnings.

If you are the first to make 150 sales, you'll get a prize of an additional $500

If you are the first to make 200 sales, you'll win $1,000 extra!

Leonidas' Challenge (The leader - whoever makes the most sales in 24 hours every single day!)

Glory goes to the Spartan who slaughters enemies each and every day. Whoever makes the most sales for a particular day will get $100 prize.

Keep that up and achieve a DOUBLE KILL bonus and get $125!

Go for the ultimate TRIPLE KILL and get $150 - glory fit for a true Spartan!

The Immortal Challenge! ('Pawn' The Leader By Beating Him)

It isn't lonely at the top because there will be tons of Persian Immortals itching to take your head off!

If you overtake the leader in daily sales, you'll not only get $100, but also a BOUNTY of an additional $100 for taking down the leader!

Phalanx Formation's LAST STAND

As the Persian's might of 1 million descend on you, it is time to go down in a BLAZE OF GLORY!

'Dine in hell with your enemies' as the prize money for daily challenges are DOUBLED!

It's a fight till the end!

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Is There A 2-Tier Program?

Yes there is! If you're sick of fighting alone, then build your Spartan army by rallying the other Greek warriors right here!

Unlike normal 2-Tier Programs, I pay people MORE than the industry standard of 10%...

You'll get an additional 50% of sales on the front end! Yes, that's $5 for every sale your tier 2 affiliates make! And you'll also make an additional 10% off every OTO sale that they make!

Leverage on my generosity by recruiting a team of affiliates and make huge sales in addition to your commissions and prizes.

All you need to do is to sign up as a JV partner and you'll be given all the instructions on how to recruit a massive Tier 2 army easily!


Join Now As A JV Partner And Make 300% Commissions Right Now!

The Ultimate Affiliate Battle For Supremacy Begins On The 28th Of June And Ends On The 5th Of July!

Email me anytime at khai[@] for any information or assistance.

I look forward to paying you thousands in commissions!

Warm Regards,

Khai Ng

Inspiration DNA

P.S. I'll send you the links to the sales letter, promo materials and product downloads in a couple of days. Meanwhile, please register first and spread the word to get more Tier 2 signups (First mover's advantage)